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As projected in the last few years, Programmatic advertising has captured increasingly larger portions of digital advertising globally. Most of the global advertising media (ad spend of $493 billion in 2016) going digital, brings with it a corresponding meteoric rise of programmatic media buying in 2017 and the years ahead.

According to Carat’s September 2016 Ad Spend Report, India, in its unique position of being one of the fastest & steadily growing economies of the world (actual GDP growth of 7.5% in 2016),  is showing a steady surge in ad spend too.

The scenario in India, with better incomes, increased internet and mobile/Smartphone availability, penetration and usage and people constantly being connected to various devices, has made advertising real-time, personalized and audience based, in other words programmatic.

A projected CAGR of about 20.56% in the global programmatic advertising spending (2016 to 2020), of which India has an ever-increasing share, demands that all marketers understand and utilize the science of programmatic buying as we race towards 2020.

These 10 frequently-asked-questions answered here, give a birds-eye view of the world of Programmatic Advertising:

  1. What is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic buying is the fluidly automated process of selling, bidding-for or buying digital advertising inventory on various channels in real-time. It matches the right ad contextually with the right consumer, using deep analytics, granular consumer data and artificial intelligence.

  2. What makes Programmatic buying so effective?

Programmatic engagements are based on deep-diving into wider data points and strong analytics, leading to the best B2B and B2C interactions with maximum-impact reach.

  3. Where and when is Programmatic buying used?

The in-built measurability of the multi-point data and tech based programmatic buying makes it effective in every stage of the customer life-cycle and helps a marketer in taking the most optimal and profitable path.

  4. What are the media options available for programmatic advertising?

Display advertising, where programmatic began, is still the largest channel that buys media programmatically, though now “a-Smartphone-in-every-hand” has dramatically increased programmatic media buying in mobiles, social networking and video. With people using multiple devices simultaneously, now advertising is seeing huge campaign successes with cross-device programmatic buying applications.

  5. How does programmatic media-buying lead me to my target consumer?

 Buying media programmatically enables an advertiser to reach the “perfect audience” based on real-time analytics run on consumer data aggregated.

  6. How does programmatic buying steer campaigns to success?

The ability of programmatic buying to steer ads towards the most convertible customers, the sheer volumes of “perfect-customers” that it reaches and the speed with which it helps adapt and optimize a campaign based on real-time learning, automatically, is what makes it vital for any campaign’s success.

  7. Does programmatic buying help generate strategic insights?

The inherent automation in programmatic buying generates humungous amounts of recordable, measurable and traceable data with every campaign. There is real time data about campaigns (tactical comparisons, channel comparisons, campaign metrics, etc), consumer attributes (demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, relatability, etc) and creative attributes (content, relevance, format, channel, etc).

A goldmine in terms of strategic use, this data helps campaigns modify and optimize to reach the best and the most profitable audience faster.

  8. Are there best practices for privacy in programmatic buying?

Reputed and responsible programmatic advertising companies like Digital Infusion, adhere to OBA (Online Behavioral advertising) Guidelines set out by the Digital Advertising Alliance. These guidelines empower the consumer to regulate the use of the huge amounts of consumer data that programmatic is based on.

  9. Does programmatic buying promise brand-safe contexts for ads?

Programmatic media buying entities, like Digital Infusion, have safeguards in place to ensure brand-safe contexts for all ads.

  10. How do I get started with programmatic buying?

To apply programmatic buying for an ROI that is up to 4 times higher than competition,DIGITAL INFUSION , a programmatic media buying agency, helps you, the advertiser, capitalize on your brand/marketing investment with the most optimal eCPC or eCPA (transaction, app install, lead generation/acquisition). With billions of quality filtered impressions ready to be accessed per day and a Big Data engine to process and optimize the campaign performance, in its repertoire, DIGITAL INFUSION is the best partner in the world of programmatic advertising.