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Digital Infusion’s programmatic display buying service delivers two significant value additions to the advertiser.


Digital Infusion’s DSP accesses a significant amount of inventory off relationships with all SSPs (Supply Side Platforms or Ad Exchanges). As can be seen from the graphic below, we have access to 1.36 Billion high quality impression every day (post application of a quality filter) in front of roughly 60 Million users. This enables our advertisers to run ‘at scale’ campaigns to ensure significant impact of marketing spend to revenue.

Daily Avails


Digital Infusion’s programmatic display buying service is built for generating superior ROI. It processes hundreds of variables in a Big Data engine to optimise campaign performance. In comparison, other DSPs allow campaign management teams to effectively manipulate less than 10 variables.

The optimisation algorithm allows for application of unique combination of settings such as budget, frequency, bid price, creative etc. to every micro-cluster of users that display similar behaviour. This is impossible to achieve for other DSPs as they allow these settings to be applied only at very a broad level e.g. a line item.

Our programmatic display buying service automatically and constantly re-calculates these micro-clusters of users and the settings applied to them on feedback as the campaign progresses. This ensures that the campaign continues to improve upon it’s prior results to reach it’s full potential. This is a significant improvement over the other DSPs that follow a manual optimisation model.

These differentiators create a solution that generates ROI from 1.3X to up to 4X better than competition.